Former Singaporean CS 1.6 Team ‘Asking Questions’ Returns with an International CS:GO Lineup

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A new CS:GO team called Asking Questions has just made its way into the Asian Counter-Strike circuit. Factually speaking it is not a new team but a rather old one, those who followed the scene back in 2012 would surely recognise the name from its 1.6 days.

The team which is based out of Singapore is owned by Prasad “StrykerX” Paramjothi who is widely considered to be one of the best Singaporean Counter-Strike players ever. He has created a team comprising of four Singaporean players, one player from India, and even a German strategy coach.

The Asking Questions lineup is as follows,

  • Yong Sheng “YSK” Koh
  • Kumaresan “Tommy” Ramani
  • Benjamin “moxie” Kou
  • Daryl “Insanity” Chua
  • Jayanth “skillZ” Ramesh
  • Lukas “yb” Gröning [Coach]

Till now the team has participated in only one tournament Rise of Legion: CS:GO April 2020 where they reached the round-of-32 before getting eliminated. They are currently playing in the Asia-Pacific ESEA CS:GO Open Season 34, standing 9th on the leaderboard with 9 wins and 4 loses under their belt.

Asking Questions at ESEA CS:GO Open Season 34

The team which was originally supposed to set up in Poland for proper practise and scrims sadly could not go ahead with their intended plan due to the current global health crisis. So though the future target of the team might not be certain at the moment, their short-term goal is to play a few Asian qualifiers and mark their presence in the region.

Despite all the setbacks, the plan at hand remains to be that once the global situation is better and the organization is sure of the player’s health and safety they would be travelling to Europe. Former star-player Filip “NEO” Kubski has been a huge help to the organization according to Prasad, advising them and helping them settle down in the city of Pozna? in Western Poland.

Let’s see if the team has it in them to carve their way to the top of the region before going global.

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