Download Counter Strike 1.6

Counter-Strike the best shooter game in history  . Very old game but most popular shooter game because as gamer you need mouse skills to go rank #1 !!

For those who play first , I will do a short description how to Download Counter Strike 1.6 game .

Counter-Strike is a FPS (First Person Shooter) developed by Valve where two teams must fight each to achieve the goals .The teams will be divided into Terrorist and Anti-Terrorist and to achieve the goals they must place or deactivate boms , or keep hostages respectively save them .

At begin of each round , you mush buy weapons , grenades , armor , scout , bomb defuse kit and many more .

Also you will need money to buy them , but you will need achieve your goals to earn more money to buy better weapons .

Download Counter Strike 1.6

Download Counter Strike 1.6

The size of game is small about 200mb however after install you will need 550mb space on HDD .
What we wonder about Counter Strike , is that it can be played on the internet online with your friend on LAN network .

Counter-Strike 1.6 2019 updated . Play newest version in Windows 7 or Windows 10 because the old version of the game did not work in the new operating system version

After you download Counter Strike 1.6 , click on find servers and will appear a list with cs 1.6 servers , a lot of mods like respawn , furien , zombie , paintball etc .
This version include some of the best maps of counter strike :

 * de_dust

* de_nuke

* de_train 

* de_inferno

* awp_india and finally fy_snow – the funniest map of all !

Over time, Counter Strike game has generated its own culture, consisting of professional players organized within CS 1.6 clans and leagues . The most prolific of them gaining consistent financial benefits from their passion for this game .


We will offer a link to download the game : Click to start download

You can visit the official game site here :

Video Tutorial how to Download and Install Counter Strike :